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The Hurricane Katrina Photo Gallery is a very special page. On display are pictures from my trips to New Orleans on the one and two year anniversaries of Hurricane Katrina. The majority of these photos are taken in New Orleans and other areas greatly affected by Katrina. These trips were an amazing opportunity for me and something that I will never forget. Not only did I see how severe the damage was and still is, but I also got the chance to personally talk to survivors, educators, families, and prominent figures in the news and political world.
The set of photos below were taken at the 2008 NBA All Star Weekend in New Orleans. These tickets were part of a Christmas Donation I package I put together for a family that is still displaced by Hurricane Katrina.
Hurricane Katrina 2 Year Anniversary Photos - Posted 8/31/07
A house in the ninth ward still waiting to be painted.   A closed down corner store in the ninth ward.
One of many abandoned houses still located in the ninth ward.   A house in the ninth ward that was moved by the flooding.
A stairway in the ninth ward leading to nowhere.   An empty home site in the ninth ward.
Another closed down store.   Abandoned home in the ninth ward.
Watermarks that show how high the water came during the flood.   An overgrown street in the ninth ward.
Empty lot where there used to be a home.   An empty street in the ninth ward that used to have homes every 30 feet.
Another overgrown, abandoned home.   Another angle of this empty house.
A house that still remains slanted by the hurricane.   Another stairway that leads to nothing.
Damaged roofs that still remain in the ninth ward.   Two homes recently constructed in the ninth ward.
An ironic street sign in the ninth ward.   Torn American flag located on an empty home site.
An empty house next to a roof.   Close up of the roof without a home.
Abandoned house in the ninth ward.   One of many deserted streets in the ninth ward.
Plenty of household items left behind including an Easter basket.  

A street in the ninth ward marked by a “flood” sign.

A boat I found in the ninth ward with a trailer on top of it.   Another angle of this misplaced boat.
Empty former home site now filled with debris.   Abandoned house with a torn roof like so many others.
A house that has drifted out of place.   Another angle of this demolished house that still stands.
FEMA trailer park alongside the road.   FEMA trailer that is still occupied from last year.
People are trying to make their FEMA trailers feel more like home.   Another FEMA trailer.
Bridge view of the flooded intercoastal waterway with Lake Ponchatrane in the distance.   One ninth ward levee.
A view of the new levee placed in front of the ninth ward. (Notice the missing homes).   Another angle of the new ninth ward levee. The graffiti says it all!
New 17th street canal levee.   Another angle of the new levee at the 17th street canal.
Controversial Levee Repair.   Old Levee Materials .
This is me in front of the West End Lighthouse.   Close up of the West End Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is still damaged after 2 Years!
I am looking at the West End Harbor area with a Local Guide.   Local Guide pointing out an unreported fish kill.
Unreported fish kill close up.   Another view of the unreported fish kill.
One ninth ward levee and canal.   Baptist Church with an American flag on the roof. Located 2 blocks from the levee break of the 17th Street Canal. It is located on Old Hammond Hwy in New Orleans
Here I am at the site of the 17th street levee breach.   17th street levee breach sign.
17th street levee construction #1.   17th street levee construction #2.
This is the front of the newly renovated New Orleans Art Museum.   Here is an example of their interesting exhibits.
The “Van Go” museum van.   Here are some common signs that were also located in front of a FEMA trailer.
Fats Domino Home #1.   Fats Domino Home #2.
Here I am in front of Bob Green’s FEMA trailer where he lost his beloved wife and daughter during the hurricane.   Another picture of his trailer and memorial.
Here is a close-up picture of the memorial stone.  
A special message written on  the side of Green’s trailer.   Here is a big sign that stands in front of his trailer, and expresses Green’s feelings.
A familiar home that still stands in the ninth ward.   The close-up of the sign in front of the home.
Recent construction projects around the ninth ward.  

A new house being built in the lower ninth ward.

Construction workers building a new water pump for the ninth ward.   Here is a bigger view of the new water pump.
Many roofing projects can be seen around the eight and ninth ward.   A brand new, big home in the ninth ward.
This is me in front of a closed down school in the lower ninth ward.   Here is a picture of what the school used to stand for.

This is a part of the school that remains demolished.

  Another angle of this torn school building.
I briefly went inside the building to get pictures of these ruined classrooms. (Clearly used to be a science classroom).   This was a different science room in the next classroom.
Here are some lost, ruined school supplies that were scattered everywhere.   One of many backpacks that could be found around the abandoned school.



Hurricane Katrina 1 Year Anniversary Photos


Hurricane Katrina 1 Year Anniversary Photos - Posted 8/30/2006

  Military Police Hummer still visible on Canal St.   2nd Military Police Hummer on Canal St.  
Ran into Sheppard Smith reporting from Canal St.
  Rev. Al Sharpton   Rev. Al Sharpton before going on the radio w/ Geraldo  

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